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Infobd24 Systems is a home and corporate broadband internet service provider in Joypurhat, Bangladesh. They have been operating for over 8 years, earning a reputation for delivering quality service and maintaining a strong commitment to their clients. Their experience and expertise make them a trusted choice for reliable and fast internet solutions.

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Super Fast


Stable Connection


Fiber Optic Network


Multiple Upstream

Public IP

IPv4 & IPv6


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A secure internet connection on a completely dedicated network enables buffer-free entertainment.

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Experience lightning-fast internet speeds with our service, allowing you to download content quickly, stream seamlessly, and say goodbye to buffering for good.

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Discover endless entertainment options every day with Infobd24 Systems. Gather with loved ones and indulge in your favorite pastime with our service.

Fast uploads, always

With our symmetrical internet speed, you'll have the power you need to easily stream live, upload high-resolution photos and videos, and participate in HD video chats.

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25 Mbps

৳700/mo +5% VAT

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30 Mbps

৳800/mo +5% VAT

Eligible Offers


35 Mbps

৳1000/mo +5% VAT

Eligible Offers


40 Mbps

৳1200/mo +5% VAT

Eligible Offers

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Our internet service is available
all over Joypurhat.

Stay informed about our coverage area in Jaypurhat, Bangladesh by checking for updates.

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