Return & refund policy

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Infobd24 Systems hassle-free return and refund policy for our products and services.

At Infobd24 Systems, we do not offer any refunds or returns for any purchases of our internet services. It is important to consider this before making any purchase, as our services are non-refundable and non-returnable.

If you have any questions or concerns about our services before making a purchase, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Please note that in case of any technical issues or faults, Infobd24 Systems will investigate the issue and provide the necessary support to resolve the issue, if it is found to be caused by Infobd24 Systems, we will take the necessary steps to rectify the issue and provide compensation if deemed appropriate.

In case of any dissatisfaction with the service provided, customers can contact customer support, and the matter will be investigated and appropriate action will be taken to resolve the issue.

We recommend that you read and understand our terms of service, and any other relevant information before making a purchase to ensure you are satisfied with our services.

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